Book details
  • Author: Květoslav Minařík
  • Publisher: Canopus
  • Series: Přímá Stezka
  • ISBN: 80-85202-00-x
  • Edition: 1.
  • Publication year: 1990
  • Published in: Praha
  • Number of pages: 371 stran
  • Format(s): Tištěná kniha, e-kniha

A Discussion of gods

A Discussion of gods is written as a textbook of yoga. Květoslav Minařík provides here detailed information on various types of yoga and in the last one, the “integral yoga“ he adapts them to the European way of life and thinking. The problem of the spiritual development is solved here mainly by moral transformation, based on feelings produced and intentionally maintained by will. Only on these he later bases the meditaion, concentration and breathing practices.

Section one – Physiological, psychological and karmic conditions for attaining the unity of the individual existence with the absolute – deals with, for example, questions of the types of the emotional experience and the paths to freedom, psychological and parapsychological bases of yoga, the issues of karma, goodness, depersonalisation etc.; the content of the second section is already summarised by the title: On special yogas and on the integral yoga.

From the introduction:
Let the reader exert themself to understand that they are, in the first place, interested to live happily. This is a question of a simple and real (emotional) living, and not a question of  a spiritual development, how they are trying to convince themselves or how they let others convince them. – A yogi must not lie to himself or herself. They have to admit that their being is subject to the nature and hence they must try to break free from the dependence on the happening in the nature by approptiate and never failing means. I can assure them that these are not going to be predominantly various concentration practices. Rather, it is going to be a set of good feelings that the yogi enforces in themselves. – By means of feelings of the appropriate nature that they enforced in themselves, the desiring person may get all the way  to the world of Brahma. Only in the world of Brahma, where they can get by the improving of morality, they may start the true yoga. Let this be a lesson for everyone on what they have to do to become mature enough for yoga in its highest aspect.