Book details
  • Author: Květoslav Minařík
  • Publisher: Canopus
  • Series: Drahokamy
  • ISBN: 80-85202-15-8
  • Edition: 2.
  • Publication year: 2004
  • Published in: Praha
  • Number of pages: 324 stran
  • Format(s): Tištěná kniha, e-kniha

Gems 1

The short texts of Květoslav Minařík, contained in two volumes of Gems, have arisen from the questions of those interested in the spiritual life and spiritual teachings and conversations with them. They are as diverse as the stimuli which lead to them. The readers may be able to find in them answers to some of their own problems which are, in other books of this author, solved only globally.

A common theme of the texts grouped in the first volume – Gems 1 – are the methodical and didactic issues related to the spiritual development, in particular advice regarding the correct solution of various life situations in the society, at work as well as in private life. The meaning of these rules on the path to perfection in its various stages, from entering it up to its goal, is also explained here.

Excerpt from the introductory description:
A modern person conforms in their life to the principles and rules of the society which surrounds them, oftentimes without actually examining whether these are correct or incorrect. This also guides their orientation when solving life situations and crises, and often brings them to dilemmas of how to actually solve these life urgencies from the point of view of the right morality and from the perspective of a prospect of further life after this life. If they are interested in correctly leading their life, a simple, freely quoted instruction of the author of this book may help them: through the higher psychological aspects of the emotional part of mind, reason and contents of consciousness (for example developing positive feelings, inner harmony and contentment), a person raises higher into the higher realms with better life conditions, while through their lower aspects (yielding to hatred, instinctive urges, anger) they go downwards to the lower, subhuman realms with worse conditions.

Some texts contained in this book you can find in Yoga and Buddhism in the life of a contemporary person.