Plagiarisms, forgeries and unauthorised publication


Since the year 1974, when Květoslav Minařík passed away, forgeries, inaccurate transcripts of his work and transcripts which were distributed without authorisation, started appearing. These were initially in the form of samizdat(1), but starting from 1990 were also printed and later, in electronic form, spread through the internet.

Online this, in particular, refers to websites and More details can be found under the headings of the different fake titles and titles which were published without authorisation.

We also warn that the above mentioned websites are not official websites of Květoslav Minařík, nor his school and teaching, although they have this title in their heading.

Květoslav Minařík had already during his life, given the copyright for all of his works to PhDr. Zora Šubrtová, to whom he delegated the publishing of his writings, as soon as the political situation allowed. She has fulfilled her duty through Canopus publishers. She has approved publication of each individual book, as well as online publication, solely by this association.

All other publications in any form in the Czech language or translated into other languages, which do not bear her explicit approval, or the approval of the association Canopus, are unauthorised with the sole exception of translations into German, which were published by Ing. Roman Mandys in Austria under his name, in accordance with an explicit wish of Květoslav Minařík.

The list of websites, whose owners have requested the possibility to publish the texts of Canopus can be found HERE.

Under the links below you can find only those forgeries or plagiarisms, about whose publication in some form we are aware. Due to the fact that there are more forgeries in our archive, and evidence about them, besides detailed documentation about those already published, we are kindly asking everyone, that in the case of coming across an unknown text with Květoslav Minařík indicated as an author and not being able to find information about it on, to please contact us through one of the ways listed under “Contact us“ with questions about  the origin and originality of the text. It is also possible to obtain more details about the forgeries and plagiarisms published here.

The texts are divided into two groups according to the form of publication.

The list is based on the status-quo in the second half of the year 2008.

To this date, there are forgeries and plagiarisms in English and German throughout the internet (predominantly through the websites and You can find more details under the link Forgeries on the internet/Translations of the works of Květoslav Minařík.

Samizdat(1) or printed forgeries and unauthorised publications in languages other than Czech are not yet known. However, we mention them here as a warning that not everything that is presented under the name of Květoslav Minařík is really an original.

  1. Samizdat(1) or printed forgeries and unauthorised publications
  2. Forgeries on the internet

(1) Samizdat was the clandestine copying and distribution of government-suppressed literature or other media in Soviet-bloc countries. (for more information please see