Book details
  • Author: Květoslav Minařík
  • Publisher: Canopus
  • Series: Přímá Stezka
  • ISBN: 80-85202-30-1
  • Edition: 1.
  • Publication year: 1997
  • Published in: Praha
  • Number of pages: 376 stran
  • Format(s): Tištěná kniha


Květoslav Minařík wrote his autobiography only after a longer hesitation and as the last one among the basic books which he has arranged in a series of books ”The Direct Path“. It should be also read as the last one. The publisher thus, in the name of the author, kindly asks the readers not to read Kechara as the first book of Květoslav Minařík, but only after they have read at least one other book of his and were positively interested in it. Otherwise there is a danger of developing inappropriate views on the author who openly explains here his very exceptional, unique personal mystic experiences as well as the outer course of his life, but also, inappropriate views of the teaching contained in the rest of his books.

I want to talk about my life. Saying that, I don’t have in mind exclusively the outer dates and events, it is rather the inner life that I am thinking of. This life of mine can be judged by people however they want; I am supplementing by it the teaching that I have presented in other books.