Květoslav Minařík

Czech yogi, Buddhist and mystic (1908 - 1974), who, in his youth, learned in the deepest detail and in himself realised, the highest spiritual and mystic ideals of the East, without losing contact with the social and the working life. Later, he has formulated his experience into an original, authentic experience based spiritual teaching, based on the ways of thinking and psychology of a contemporary European. The teaching leads him or her through life, and perfects their being as a whole; he does not only deal with the physical, moral or mental component, he develops all three in harmony. Out of the great spiritual teachings of the world, his teaching is closest to the Mahayana Buddhism.

In each of his books, Květoslav Minařík explains the spiritual teachings from a different aspect in order to make them more understandable to a broad audience of readers. Almost his entire life’s work has already been published in Czech by Canopus Publishing; brief annotations can be found on further pages.