Book details
  • Author: Květoslav Minařík
  • Publisher: Canopus
  • Series: Přímá Stezka
  • ISBN: 80-85202-33-6
  • Edition: 4.
  • Publication year: 2005
  • Published in: Praha
  • Number of pages: 372 stran
  • Format(s): Tištená kniha, e-kniha

The Direct Path

This book provides the reader with an introduction into the spiritual life, based on the life experiences of the author. It is called the Direct Path, because it teaches its readers how to avoid making detours on the path to perfection and to reach the goal directly. Květoslav Minařík systematically refers to methods and means to obtain an answer to every philosophical question of life. He proceeds in the mystic development step by step, he explains the nature of all that is happening on the mystic path up to the highest results.

The first part deals with religion, spiritism, magic and mysticism; the author refers to inconsistencies or dangers connected with these disciplines, however, he also brings out everything, contained in each of these teachings, that is positive. The second part of the book analyses various aspects connected with the philosophy and practice of the Direct Path (e.g. God, prayer, reincarnation, non-attachment, jnana yoga). The third part desribes the methodology of practice of the Direct Path from different points of view (e.g. an absolute necessity to observe the moral commandments, the progress by means of karma yoga and bhakti yoga through their incorporation into the duties of everyday life, concentration, etc.)

The second edition of the Direct Path went out of print in a short time. This testifies to the fulfillment of the author’s intention which he expresses in the introduction to the second edition: to call out to those who are searching on the mystic paths. In the third edition, the parts dealing with the Czech mystic schools, that were omitted in the second edition (abroad), were re-inserted.

If you are entering the mytic path, you must accept all moral duties that are prescribed by the mystic teaching; you may not, like many people do, chose only „easy“ and interesting practices and study. This can often lead you to fanatism, confusion and even greater one-sidedness in opinions and character, which is the true cause of  ignorance. Just look at the mystics who took up only the attractive and interesting meditations while grossly neglected the unpleasant asceticism that would remove their vices. You will easily recognise that their only attainment is that they are psychologically “carried away“ in an unhealthy manner which, however, does not prove valuable under the test of an observant common sense.