Samizdat and printed forgeries and unauthorised publication

We only indicate here the basic form of the individual forgeries and plagiarisms, i.e. we do not list all further materials in which these texts are further used. However, all comments given which can be found under each forgery or plagiarism relate also to these materials.

The texts are listed chronologically according to their date of creation and publication. This is a short list of the main forgeries only. Out of them, only Kechara was translated into English – click on Kechara/Ketchara for more information on this forgery and please contact us if you wish to learn about other forgeries.

Česká mahájána (Czech)

Jóga pro všechny (Czech)

O náboženství bez předsudků (Czech)

Po stopách guruů (Czech)

Tibetská kniha mrtvých (Czech)